Morija is a dynamic church that is steadily  growing and developing. One of our greatest and most urgent need is to be blessed by God with the ability to purchase our own building.  As such we are in full fundraising mode.  

We have 3 fundraising plan in action:

  1. $5 weekly plan where you put aside that amount weekly for the building.
  2. Pledge an amount that you're able to give in a lump sum or in portions.
  3. Gather what you have put aside towards the building with donations from your family and friends that want to support. On Family & Friends days (May 16 and September 19th), we gather at the church and have a great celebration gathering the funds donated towards meeting our goals. 

We welcome any and all donations that would help reach our goal to own a building where we can worship and minister to our congregation and work with our community.

Please donate at our  Online Giving page and enter an amount in the "Building" box to ensure that it's reserved for the purchase of building.


Elder Jacques Laurent